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26.12.2016, 21:55
"Who says he is not flying!" Air Jordan perhaps the most impressive is the phrase Thanksgiving 1984 ad history.

Air Jordan 1

Xiao Bian I deliberately do homework and found AJ1 style and color there are many, pick a few more features and several like to share with you.

Air Jordan 1 red white

Air Jordan 1 Knicks

Air Jordan 1 North Carolina Blue

Air Jordan 1 black and red

Air Jordan 1 Wasp Feng Shui

Air Jordan 1 laser

There are several groups of the Air Jordan 1

Nike SB x Air Jordan 1

Lance Mountain x NikeSB x Air Jordan 1

Dover Street Market x Air Jordan 1

Levi's x Air Jordan 1

Fragement design x Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan 1 midsole almost failed in successive rounds performed, but in the end Air Jordan 1 was done, and at the time the standards are almost perfect, because it is two years earlier than the advent of the air Force 1, after also uses palm air Sole air Jordan 1 cushion unit in the midsole thickness reduced by almost one centimeter, but it did not diminish cushioning properties.
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