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26.12.2016, 21:56
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Release Date: November 28

Air Jordan that has a magic to us a chase catching.

This year is undoubtedly the Air Jordan 12 shoes Danian twelve generations, in addition to the first year of OG heavy regression models, there is a big wave of new color appearance, which many of them designed for girls to create several good color.

This year all the girls exclusive color, the hottest to calculate this "Valentine's Day" do not note, after all, pink is the color most girls.

Girls Exclusive color, white, blue dress dynamism, combined with gold buckle embellishment, makes it difficult to refuse to bring visual impact. I believe on foot will be able to fully unleash your youthful vitality.

Minimalist tone gray wolf, with blue campus, very refreshing, both male and female models girls wear cool.

Hit with new red and white color underlines the invincible vitality of the movement, the Air Jordan 12 shoes charm to the extreme! Girls can not wear handsome!
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