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21.02.2017, 10:48
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"We estimate that avoiding obesity could prevent almost 122,online air jordan (http://www.onlineairjordan.com/),000 U.S. cases of cancer every year,www.onlineairjordan.com (http://www.onlineairjordan.com/)," said AICR's nutrition expert Alice Bender.

CSPI president Michael Jacobson said the real issue is what's on store shelves,cheap real jordans (http://www.onlineairjordan.com/).


"The problem is that the food industry has continued to pressure and tempt us to eat a diet of burgers, pizzas, burritos, cookies, doughnuts, sodas, shakes, and other foods loaded with white flour, red and processed meat, salt, saturated fat, and added sugars, and not enough vegetables, fruit, and whole grains," he said.

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