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be covered,air jordans for cheap (http://www.amassdenver.com/), but seniors would have a 25 percent copay. Ryan’s plan repeals the closing of the doughnut hole. But not all seniors have drug spending that reaches that gap. In fact, 12 percent of the 35.7 million seniors with Part D drug plans reached the gap in 2013 and received discounts under the ACA. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said those seniors saved $911 on average. (There were about 52 million Medicare beneficiaries last year, but not all have Part D coverage.) Where does the ad get its $1,700 figure? We tracked it down before, when a Patriot Majority ad used it to attack Tom Cotton in the Arkansas Senate race. It’s the difference between the lower and upper threshold of the doughnut hole gap,cheap jordans free shipping (http://www.amassdenver.com/), as referenced in a 2011 National Journal article that both ads cite. Technically, seniors whose drug spending completely spanned the gap would pay more than $1,700 out of pocket, though how much more depends on the particular plan and drugs purchased. (Medicare.gov has more on this here.) How many would completely surpass the doughnut hole? Statistics from 2011 indicate that less than 2 percent of all those on Part D plans completely spanned the gap and did not receive a low-income subsidy, which effectively covers costs in the gap. That’s slightly more than 500,000 people who would have fully borne the costs in the doughnut hole,cheap air jordans (http://www.amassdenver.com/), according to a March 2014 MedPAC report to Congress (see pages 365-366). More seniors could reach,amassdenver.com (http://www.amassdenver.com/), and span, the gap now,wholesale cheap jordans (http://www.amassdenver.com/), of course

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