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on Wednesday that they need to increase their military spending by year's end or risk seeing the U.S. curtail its defense support. He said Friday that "it is a fair demand that all who benefit from the best alliance in the world carry their proportionate share of the necessary costs to defend our freedoms,cheap pandora rings for sale (http://www.onlinecheappandora.com/)," and added that his message had been "well received" by his counterparts. Some of Trump's other views ― his support for Britain's decision to leave the EU,cheap pandora charms for sale (http://www.pandoraforcheap.com/), his perceived closeness to Russia and his inaugural pledge to put "America first" ― also have raised concerns. "From the German point of view, our traditional reflex of relying above all on our American friends' vigor and ducking away when things really get tight ... will no longer be enough,cheap pandora bracelets (http://www.realcheappandora.com/)," von der Leyen said. "We must also carry our share of the burden," she added,cheap pandora bracelets (http://www.cheappandorajewelryforsale.com/), though she said that isn't purely a question of money. Von der Leyen stressed the importance of strengthening EU defense capabilities and said now is the right time to take "ambitious steps,cheap pandora bracelets for sale (http://www.pandoraforcheap.com/)," something that she said isn't just in Europe's interests. "Our American friends know well that their tone on Europe and NATO has a direct influence on the cohesion of our continent,cheap pandora rings for sale (http://www.pandoraforcheap.com/)," she said. "A stable European Union is just as much in the American interest as a united NATO." Mattis repeated assurances he delivered at NATO over the past two days. "President Trump came into office and

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