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cities and towns,cheap pandora earrings (http://www.cheappandorajewelryforsale.com/), it came to be seen as the last bastion of the uprising against Assad. HOW THE GOVERNMENT WON The Syrian opposition lost eastern Aleppo because it was outnumbered and outgunned by the forces of Assad and his allies and abandoned by the international community. Militarily,cheap pandora bracelets for sale (http://www.pandoraforcheap.com/), the most important factor was Russia's powerful and relentless airstrikes. Also, fighters from Lebanon's Hezbollah group and Shiite militias from Iraq and elsewhere joined Assad's military on the front lines. Battered and overstretched by fighting around the country, Syrian government troops had long seemed unable to tip the battle in Aleppo. But with its allies help, Assad's forces punched through an opposition corridor north of Aleppo in February,cheap pandora jewelry (http://www.pandoracharmsforcheap.com/), severing rebel supply lines to Turkey. By August, they completely surrounded the rebel-held east. Wave after wave of airstrikes in recent months destroyed virtually all the hospitals in the east, as well as schools and other civic institutions. In late November,cheap pandora charms for sale (http://www.pandoraforcheap.com/), rebel defenses in the city collapsed. THE ROLE OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY The United States, along with Turkey, Saudi Arabia,cheap pandora jewelry (http://www.onlinecheappandora.com/), Qatar and others have provided aid to the Syrian rebels since 2011, but none were willing to intervene directly on their behalf in Aleppo. The United States was on the verge of intervening in 2013 after a chemical attack near Damascus blamed on Assad's forces, but at the last minute President Barack Obama stood down,cheap pandora rings for sale (http://www.onlinecheappandora.com/), accepting instead the surrender of Syria's chemical

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