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29.08.2017, 00:52
When things don’t work out, enrollment leaders sometimes lose their jobs. On the patio of a steakhouse one night,cheap air jordan shoes (http://www.cheaprealjordansretro.com/), I sat down next to a dean of admissions dismissed this year by the college where she had worked for decades. She was having dinner with a vice president for enrollment management who had left one university for another because, he said, “I was the scapegoat, and my days were numbered.”

In a conference session the next day, Jennifer Delahunty described a job that comes with constant questions. Ms. Delahunty, who was vice president for enrollment and dean of admissions and financial aid at Kenyon College for 11 years, said when she stepped outside to grab her newspaper some mornings, passersby would ask,cheap jordans for sale (http://www.onlineairjordan.com/), “How are the numbers looking?”

Still, Ms. Delahunty, who left her position to represent Kenyon’s admissions office on the West Coast, enjoyed her work, especially the aspects that aren’t quantifiable. “You need a fire in the belly and a big heart,” she told an audience full of young admissions officers. “The three tools you use in college admissions are prestige,air jordan shoes real (http://www.airjordanshoesreal.com/), financial aid, and love.”

“Love?” someone asked.

“Love,cheap jordans free shipping (http://www.amassdenver.com/),” Ms. Delahunty said. “Yeah.”

A high-school counselor stood up and shared a worry. Some admissions officers who had visited her school, she said, had convinced her that colleges’ priorities were now “a lot more about numbers and a lot less about kids.”

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