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06.09.2017, 21:45
.hayhouseradio.com/hosts.php?author_id=367">radio show using GEAR and it always wound up making? a lot of sense,charmfemale.com (http://www.charmfemale.com/).? And my own experience with the rubric has been very helpful.

So, as an example,Virgin Human Hair For Women (http://www.charmfemale.com/),? here’s what I learned this week using GEAR.? I’d like to improve my ability to grade student assignments promptly.? I assign several smaller writing assignments in some of my classes, which has great pedagogical benefits, but means I have a lot of assignments to mark.? Once I actually sit down and start grading, I am interested to see what my students are thinking about and I get good ideas for the next week’s classes.? But grading has often been an area of procrastination for me, and it’s easy for me to fall behind.

The area of success I chose to use GEAR with is exercise.? I like to exercise, and do so regularly.? It’s an area of my life that I feel demonstrates consistency,brazilian hair (http://www.charmfemale.com/), planning, and focus.? But on the surface, it doesn’t seem as though exercise can tell me very much about grading:? I have never yet had an endorphin rush from completing a stack of papers, nor have I ever procrastinated and wound up lifting weights at 2:00 in the morning.

But here’s what I learned.


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