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15.09.2017, 23:01
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The inquiry found a “pattern of unwelcome behavior toward women,hair extensions (http://www.charmfemale.com/),” which violated the university’s policies against discrimination and harassment, according to documents the university shared with The Chronicle. (http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/files/2015/12/Hill-investigation.pdf) Mr. Hill has been on paid leave since November 3, after complaints during his performance review sparked the investigation.

This month Mr. Hill said in a letter of response to the university, also shared with The Chronicle, (http://chronicle.com/blogs/ticker/files/2015/12/Hill-response.pdf) that he is not guilty of discrimination or sexual harassment. “The Robert Hill depicted in the report is unrecognizable to me,” he wrote. “I have never acted in a malicious or discriminatory manner, nor have I knowingly engaged in systematic sexual harassment or made attempts to create a culture that engenders workplace hostility.”

Peter Johnson, executive associate vice president for university relations, confirmed that Mr. Hill would remain at the university next semester as a faculty member by special appointment.

Anne Walker,http://www.charmfemale.com/, the education school’s associate dean, was named acting dean. Mr. Johnson said a search for permanent replacement will begin next spring.

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