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18.09.2017, 11:45
Here’s hoping the legal proceedings are sorted out in time for the Yellow Jackets’ season opener against South Carolina State. Until then, everyone please sing along:

I’m a Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech and a hell of an engineer,
A helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva, hell of an engineer,
Like all the jolly good fellows,hair extensions (http://www.charmfemale.com/), I drink my whiskey clear,
I’m a Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech and a hell of an engineer.
Oh, if I had a daughter, sir, I’d dress her in White and Gold,
And put her on the campus,Wholesale hair extensions (http://www.charmfemale.com/), to cheer the brave and bold.
But if I had a son, sir, I’ll tell you what he’d do.
He would yell, “To Hell with Georgia,” like his daddy used to do.
Oh, I wish I had a barrel of rum and sugar three thousand pounds,
A college bell to put it in and a clapper to stir it around.
I’d drink to all good fellows who come from far and near.
I’m a ramblin’,Wholesale Cheap Virgin Human (http://www.charmfemale.com/), gamblin’, hell of an engineer.

—Don Troop
The University of Nevada at Reno Wolf Pack was playing the Triple-A Reno Aces baseball team last week when Wolfie Jr., the university’s mascot, moonwalked over the edge of the dugout roof.

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