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18.09.2017, 14:00
but you will still be able to get your email, make calls, and send texts.

Email: One of the most popular features of Smartphones is their ability to instantly deliver email and other data to your handset,cheap jordans online (http://www.airjordanshoesreal.com/); this feature is called “Data Push.” You can adjust your settings to conserve battery life by turning it off and checking your email manually,cheap real jordans (http://www.cheapjordansrealfreeshipping.com/).

Ringtones: It might surprise you to know that the ringtone you choose can affect your phone’s battery life.? If you have downloaded a clip from your favorite band to use as your ringtone, it will cost you a bit more battery than the standard tones on your phone.? Volume settings affect battery life too, and this is true both for ringtones and the vibrate feature.? To conserve maximum battery life here, set your phone to silent.? But if you rely on the audible cue, you might opt for a standard ringtone rather than a custom one,cheapjordansrealfreeshipping.com (http://www.cheapjordansrealfreeshipping.com/), lesser volume on those rings,cheap jordans online (http://www.cheapjordan1s.com/), and/or fewer vibrations in the vibrate setting (many phones let you customize the setting here too: my phone, for example, allows me to choose both how many times the phone vibrates and their duration).

Apps: Many apps are, to put it frankly, power hogs.? Facebook, Twitter, RSS readers, and weather forecasters all

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