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18.09.2017, 14:07
. Weiler said there's been a significant improvement in the quality of care,cheap jordans for sale (http://www.airjordanshoesreal.com/).

Funding is $8.3 million and the programs reach 43,000 kids.


In 1997, the Illinois State Board of Education created the Illinois Early Childhood Block Grant for kids zero to 5. There are 151 grants given to agencies across the state.

In recent years, the state has decided to develop more programs for kids zero to 3. The focus is on improving quality of care,cheapjordansrealfreeshipping.com (http://www.cheapjordansrealfreeshipping.com/), like with the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Project that involves doctors, parents and teachers.

Infant-toddler services are 11 percent of the program's funds, but that will increase to not less than 20 percent by fiscal 2015, thanks to legislation passed in 2009. The budget was $380 million in fiscal 2009, entirely from state general revenue. Of that, $338 million was for Preschool For All for 3- and 4-year-olds,cheap jordans for sale (http://www.cheapjordan1s.com/), prioritizing at-risk kids, and $42 million was for the infant-toddler program.

Michigan's Future

Michigan is already starting to "reimagine" early education -- and education in general.

State Superintendent Mike Flanagan and the Michigan Board of Education have initiated Project Reimagine,cheap air jordans (http://www.cheapjordansretrofreeshipping.com/), which strives to create

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