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18.09.2017, 14:27
after soliciting feedback on his initial suggestions, Anderson posted an actual list of resolutions at the helpful and easy to remember URL of emailcharter.org (http://emailcharter.org/),real cheap jordans retro (http://www.amassdenver.com/). The Email Charter is 10 simple rules for cutting down the email that we produce, which will in turn (so the theory goes) cut down on the amount of email we receive.

I didn’t see the finalized version of the email charter until September, but it led to some immediate changes in my email behavior. The first thing that I concentrated on was asking direct questions in my emails as opposed to open-ended questions. Giving my recipient something concrete to answer whenever I send an email means that we’re actually taking care of business (and avoiding the “working overtime” stuff). It wasn’t that hard of a change to implement,cheap jordans free shipping (http://www.cheapjordansretrofreeshipping.com/), but it made me more productive as it forced me to assess what I wanted each email to accomplish. I’ve also learned to cut out needless responses,cheap air jordan shoes (http://www.promdressok.com/), those short “Thanks!” replies to someone. And in my four-person team we took a solemn blood oath to resist CC’ing each other on everything. If we can take care of something without roping everyone else in, it saves a kitteh.

There are many other email jiujitsu techniques (10 of them,cheap real jordans (http://www.cheapjordansretrofreeshipping.com/)!) to adopt from

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