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17.10.2017, 23:23

Prime minister Theresa May gave a definitive Brexit speech in Florence

In her keynote address in Florence the PM signed the UK up to a two-year transition period on membership terms,Peruvian Virgin Hair Online (http://www.charmfemale.com/), a sizeable divorce fee and ongoing respect for ECJ judgements.

But whilst the prime minister offered concessions in some areas she was steadfast in others,charm female (http://www.charmfemale.com/), insisting that Britain will leave the Single Market and Customs union in March 2019.

The speech had been widely billed as a make-or-break attempt to unpick the deadlocked Brexit talks. Had Brussels rejected her offer out of hand,Wholesale Celebrity Lace Wigs (http://www.charmfemale.com/), it was hard to see where negotiations could go next.

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So Downing Street will have been relieved to

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