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The former speaker doubled down on Mr. Trump's dangerous anti-Muslim rhetoric, offering an offensive plan to test and possibly deport Muslims — including American citizens. He described an unremarkable speech Mr. Trump delivered in Gettysburg as, "maybe the best reform speech since Reagan in 1980." He then testily accused Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly of being "obsessed with sex" because she had the temerity to inquire about allegations that Mr. Trump has sexually assaulted women — the irony of a three-time married male politician with a history of indiscretions with women making such a statement is obvious.
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was one of my political heroes even before 9/11 occurred. Through steely leadership, moderation on social issues atypical for a Republican and creative crime control policies, he led America's greatest city into a renaissance period. But his senatorial and presidential aspirations were never realized, and he became yet another voice in the cable news din.

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