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25.10.2017, 04:54
Those who do not have coverage will pay a bigger penalty this year, 2 percent of household income or $325 per person, whichever is higher.
That will likely persuade more people to get coverage, said Laura Adams, a senior analyst at insurancequotes.com, which provides data and insurance quotes to consumers.
She said many still don't understand insurance and it might be years before people are comfortable signing up for coverage each fall,air jordans for cheap (http://www.onlineairjordan.com/).
"There's a lot of industry jargon that is confusing for people who have insurance, so people who haven't bought insurance in a long time or ever are in brand-new territory." She said. "It'll be a long process, but this year we'll see more people enroll, and more next year and the year after that."
Grace Miller of Brooklyn Park was one who did not need convincing to buy insurance,cheap retro jordans (http://www.amassdenver.com/), though she said she did need help.
As a teacher,cheap jordans for sale (http://www.amassdenver.com/), the 28-year-old had never had to shop for insurance before. But last year when she left that job to go to back to school and work as a nanny and her temporary insurance expired, she needed to find a policy on the exchange. Miller made an appointment with a "navigator" who was contracted by the exchange to help people enroll.
She said it was a "little scary" to pick a plan, and she knows many of her friends in their 20s still won't bother to buy insurance,wholesale cheap jordans (http://www.onlineairjordan.com/), despite the penalty.

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