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25.10.2017, 23:51
And don’t blame the moderators for not forcing Trump to deal with it properly,cheap jordans (http://www.onlineairjordan.com/). Anderson Cooper (/topic/arts-culture/mass-media/news-media/anderson-cooper-PECLB0004411-topic.html) asked Trump pointblank if he understood that his claims on the tape that he kissed and groped women without their consent was sexual assault,cheap jordans free shipping (http://www.amassdenver.com/).
When Trump tried to fudge his answer by saying it was just “locker-room talk,air jordans for cheap (http://www.amassdenver.com/),” Cooper pressed him to clarify whether he was now saying he did or did not assault women the way he said he did on the tape.
For what it is worth, Trump said he did not.
Trump had some good moments, too. ABC’s Martha Raddatz used a question gathered via social media to quiz Clinton on a passage from one of the high-priced speeches she gave, which were Wiki-leaked last week. Her words appeared to show her touting the need for politicians to have both a public and a private position on certain issues of state.
“Are you saying it’s acceptable for a politicians to be two-faced,cheap retro jordans (http://www.amassdenver.com/)?” Raddatz asked quoting the question a citizen posed.
Clinton offered a muddy answer, saying the context involved her being in a “master class” about a film on Lincoln and that she had been praising Abraham Lincoln (/topic/politics-government/government/presidents-of-the-united-states/abraham-lincoln-PEHST002241-topic.html) for the strategy he allegedly used to get the 13th Amendment passed.

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