Просмотр полной версии : How to have Japanese hair

12.02.2018, 10:07
Round face girls in the choice of was thin hair, fluffy must be the main, because only the fluffy and full of wind to make the face thin and repair Yan, Xiaobian today to share a round face girls thin popular hairstyle, recommended short perm or curly hair Are suitable for repair Yan.

This broken hair perm, the use of irregular forms and broken hair combined together to create a Japanese sense of freshness, instantly make the whole person's temperament have become different, coupled with a very short scalding shape, wrapped face, Thin at the same time, repair Yan and fashion temperament also stood out.tyme iron promo code (https://www.tymeironshop.us/product/tyme-gold-plated-titanium-hair-straightener-curling-iron/) help you got super cheap price.

This elegant and flowing hairstyle is a very simple and refreshing hairstyle with a simple inner buckle and a diagonal bangs that easily wrap the face and add brown hair to make the skin more fair and translucent , Round face girls should be thin if it is none other than it.

This sub-curly hairstyle, at first glance is actually very Japanese style, because the brown hair color, showing fresh freshness of Japanese girls, coupled with facial hair on both sides of the hair, so that the face easily wrapped up, The whole has become thin and fresh and very Yan Yan.TYME Titanium Hair Straightener (https://www.tymeironshop.us/) is excellent for thick, course hair and does straighten and smooth very quickly.