Просмотр полной версии : Women need these beautiful tools

15.04.2018, 10:44
Hairspray: It is different from hair wax, hair mud and gel. It is paste-like and has strong adhesion. It keeps hair style longer. But do not use too much, because it is very sticky, too much hair will make hair like "not washed for a few days."tyme iron (https://www.tymeironshop.us/) is two-in-one styling iron is making waves in women's high-end beauty products.

Slurry: Just like the name, it looks like mud. It can make the hair more sturdy but does not change the texture of the hair, the effect is very natural, the most suitable for use after finishing the hair, finishing the details of the hair.

Duckbill pliers: Longer hair and more hair is a bit of a hassle, so you should use duckbill to fix a portion of your hair so that it doesn't run around.

Small curling bar: It has a smaller diameter and can be used to make a more dynamic curl. It is suitable for local use.tyme iron short hair (https://www.tymeironshop.us/product/tyme-gold-plated-titanium-hair-straightener-curling-iron/) create any hairstyle in minutes,suit for anytime and anywhere.

Large curling irons: larger diameters, bigger waves, more sexy and charming.
Hairdryer: It is best to clean your hair before you curl your hair. This makes the curls fluffy and natural. So it is very important to dry your hair, remember that the temperature should not be too high so as not to damage the hair.