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Several years ago my husband and I had decided to downsize and were in the market for a condo. We visited the model of a new development that looked very attractive.The salesman was determined to tell me all about the kitchen and the wonderful features that were included. My husband remarked to him that the kitchen was very low on my priority list and that he was wasting his breath.What did matter to us was the policy on companion animals because we had three cats. The agent said he did not know the policy,Fitflop Flat (http://www.fitflops-saleclearance.net/fitflop-flat-c7.html), but thought the rules allowed only one animal.Fitflop Astrid Sale Clearance He completely dismissed the need and went back to talking about the kitchen.We left shortly thereafter and did not bother to return any calls from the salesman.We visited another complex the same day that had a real estate professional who stopped talking and listened!In order to not waste our time,Fitflop Frou (http://www.fitflopssaleclearanceuk.name/fitflop-frou-c27.html), we decided to ask immediately about the policy on cats.
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