Просмотр полной версии : They began to care about their own body and feelings inside

16.10.2018, 16:17
As more female consciousness awakens, they begin to care about their own bodies and their inner feelings. Women's chest is not a commentary. The big breasts are not equal to sex. The aesthetics of men are no longer the only standard. They begin to reject the “breasted cloth” and pursue a healthier, free and personalized way of chest care. This change is also reflected in their underwear consumption concept.

Female underwear entrepreneurship is also a high-frequency word in recent years. Taobao Tmall and other e-commerce platforms have also emerged a number of original brands of women's underwear, and women's underwear has broadened its commercial development with a new perspective.

women stretch panties online shop (http://www.women-underwear.com/product/)and capital booms, what elements are inciting and advancing? Is it a change in consumption habits caused by female consciousness, or is it a collision with the environment of consumption upgrading? Is the rise of personalized consumer demand, or the exploration of the pain points of the underwear industry under the promotion of capital? What are the rules and characteristics behind the women's underwear industry?

Underwear has always been called "the last piece of cake in the clothing industry." According to China Textile Economic Information Network, the annual sales of China's underwear market in 2017 is more than 100 billion, and it is growing at a rate of nearly 20% every year. In the entire market, the share of women's underwear accounts for about 60%, and the market size exceeds 50 billion yuan.