Просмотр полной версии : more undergarments may be worn to preserve body heat

05.11.2018, 16:19
During the winter months, more undergarments may be worn to preserve body heat. Stockings, leggings, thermal underwear and sports-type undergarments can be layered over underwear and under clothing to retain and maintain heat.

Lingerie can be worn over underwear or without underwear. Babydolls, teddies, corsets and nighties can be worn as pajamas or for special occasions. Lingerie comes in a range of materials and styles, patterns and concepts. Typically, lingerie is worn at home, but corsets, slips and shapewear can be worn under everyday clothes.

womens underwear (http://www.women-underwear.com/) the Regency era women began wearing lower undergarments. From the 1820s onwards drawers were made of more feminine cotton lawn fabric and laced at the waist. Knickers were quite baggy, which accommodated the split through the crotch, so that despite the opening, the bagginess afforded some modesty when sized correctly.In her book 'Knickers, An Intimate Appraisal', Rosemary Hawthorne records that before 1789 and the French Revolution, long skirts, a petticoat or two, a corset and linen chemise was all the underwear a woman thought desirable or necessary.