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08.03.2014, 09:02
Because the doctor reported to him after the completion of Emerson 's injury, shot him to say about Kahn. Luotelieqi thing. Sager, and you have to be discussed again burberry factory outlet (http://gardenstateapartments.com/html2pdf_lib/tenantpdf.php) Kahn about things. Physio Mark said. Well, yesterday, he did a good job, what is the problem? Sager faint hearts feel something was wrong, but at the end was good Luotelieqi Yeah. Sager, Kahn left knee yesterday after the end uncomfortable, burberry sale gave him a check and found that his left knee in the water is very serious, and muscle tissue contusion, simply put, you can not go on like this let him play, he needs to rest, or if there is more injured, the consequences are very serious !
So serious ah ! burberry outlet (http://gardenstateapartments.com/html2pdf_lib/tenantpdf.php) Can be done strictly according to your word,http://gardenstateapartments.com/html2pdf_lib/tenantpdf.php, ah, every burberry sale let him play no more than 70 minutes, can not adhere to Christmas? Do not have luck, and Sager ! He can not play it! But burberry sale assure you four weeks to burberry sale burberry sale also you a healthy Kahn ! Mark Sager said the team very seriously. Sager very reluctantly nodded, each player can play all need to have a team doctor approved for the job after the signing, Mark has been very clear in words, and this definitely is not on the field Kahn, even if he is the master coach too.
It seems that this problem is very serious Luotelieqi burberry sale (http://gardenstateapartments.com/html2pdf_lib/tenantpdf.php) body can not take the player peace joke. 3-5-2 ? 5-3-2 ? 3-6-1 ? Or 4-4-2 ? Sager mind a mess, although burberry sale previously made ​​similar preparations, but when something comes, burberry sale also unprepared when, long before himself burberry sale :4 -4-2 it, try playing it ! And all this was not enough, the third question : into after December as most of the Michael Kors bags (http://www.ncbfaa.org/acinfo/michaelkorsoutletbags.php) players Crystal Palace have entered a period of fatigue, the players are more or less the case that physical unsupported, and with the schedule arranged increasingly intensive, this situation will be exacerbated.

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