Просмотр полной версии : schedule and cost control

12.03.2014, 12:04
of a new pattern of project management framework, to promote the reform and management improvement of the standards of construction project management, along with the rise of China's Supervision industry success in terms of team building,oakley danmark (http://www.dulasatbirth.com/), establish a new system and business practices. Practice has proved that pushing construction supervision system, project quality, schedule and cost control; construction speed and efficiency can be achieved simultaneously; conducive to improve the teaching quality of the combination, a better and more economical way of infrastructure. Actively explore the construction supervision and international standards, improve the the building supervision system with Chinese characteristics, is an important subject. In this paper, the practice of domestic and international engineering contracting and saw and heard On the following points,mbt sko udsalg (http://www.cadillacautoma.com/), for colleagues to participate in research.

, construction supervision and international standards is a general trend

national policy