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A look back, Chen Fei has been pulled through the air, one hand covered with black hair being choked her neck. Yin Yang tussle desperately grab his hand, but the other side does not care, a strangling fake*ray*bans (http://www.webalue.com/brand_analysis/time-spent-level2.asp) neck, cheap*ray*bans carry up. At Yin Yang and Chen Fei soon lost consciousness when he heard a loud bang, a flash of white light, they felt a jimmy choo shoes (http://www.internet-stationers.co.uk/Search/content.asp) violent shudder, a loose neck, and fell to the ground. Chen Fei immediately fainted, Yin Yang still conscious, cheap*ray*bans saw a man dressed in white blankly holding a knife to the bird 's hand with long black hair cut over.
Black hair monster shrieking cry,http://www.webalue.com/brand_analysis/time-spent-level2.asp,fake*ray*ban*sunglasses (http://www.webalue.com/brand_analysis/time-spent-level2.asp), rushed to the laboratory door, Yin Yang finally see the true face of this monster, even the face delicate abnormal facial features such as carved out by the master ! Monster white man 's hand to catch a knife, forced a. However, does not work, a hard white people, knife inserted into the monster 's hand. Monster black hair and shrieking loudly, suddenly disappeared, even Qin quiet disappeared. mulberry uk (http://www.classiccarclub.co.uk/event_contact1.asp) White people pull Yin Yang and Chen Fei, flying into the sky. Yin Yang eyes blurred, ear whirring sound.
Yin Yang immediately reported to the police, but surprisingly, the police did not find a ghost building Yong, where the dust lay thick everywhere, there is no one to go over the traces, Qin also a good quiet sleep in their dorm room. cheap*ray*bans (http://www.webalue.com/brand_analysis/time-spent-level2.asp) cheap*ray*bans Kid is not sleepwalking say, ah, do not make people quiet most of the night ! Leader of middle-aged police officer snappily stare Yin Yang a whole team left. Yin Yang Yiyewumian. The next day, Chen Fei did not come to class. Before class, Yin Yang could not wait to give her a call.

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