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Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor, Alisa Bangerter shares creative ways to ask to the high school dance.Try to find out the likes and interests of the person who is to be asked and determine if any of those things could be incorporated into the invitation. Do they love sports, music, candy, old movies, etc.?Thrift stores are great sources for interesting items and things that might help keep costs down when giving an invitation.Don't do anything that is really messy, dangerous or no fun for the recipient like having to dig through really gooey items for a clue or having to go somewhere really far and out of the way. Keep it classy.Utilize the season or upcoming holiday in your invite.
It has been used for my.Help! We cant figure out how stray voltage is getting in our pool Asked by helpfast, Yesterday 10:56 AM in Pools Spas Saunas I put in a pool last summer and it is has given us a slight sting on fingers since the first week. We have called everyone and no one can tell us.Can I connect low pressure basin tap to shower pump Asked by thermocouple69, Yesterday 12:37 PM in Plumbing Hi,Changed monobloc mixer tap on basin to Led waterfall tap, only problem is not enough pressure to operate tap. I do have a power shower pump near.Remove kohler pull type shower diverter Asked by caroldh4, Yesterday 10:54 AM in Plumbing I have a Kohler wall mounted pull type shower diverter.I shut off the supply to replace the flapper.
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