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Huge roar, the muzzle spitting flames, out 105MM shells have been fired, not into the darkness. A long time, did not hear the explosion,longchamp göteborg (http://www.olekbydal.com/longchamp2009.asp), Luo two shells puzzled look back gate strong. Vigorously also wonder, is it stink bombs. Regardless us, kick say. Vigorously took the shells, seasoned ground bombs, guns off the gate, a pat on the back Luo two shoulder. Luoer Li ie lanyard, boom, it was a loud noise, ear Pizhen be miserable. 105MM howitzer one minute rate of fire three rounds due to the strong excitement,longchamp nk (http://www.kastlosabykrog.se/LongchampLmTote.asp), stunned played five rounds of rapid fire ; soon, boom, boom to roar, so after ten rounds.
Saw on the ground that that the U.S. Signal Corps, dull eyes looked at his mouth full of saliva. Away from the cannon shook his head faint, Luo decided after two prisoners walked in front, pull us happily ready to go. Yes ah, watch their own forces artillery bombardment, is anyone else uncomfortable,calvin klein underwear uk (http://www.footballpoets.org/schools/notes.asp), Luo two very understanding. Just vaguely hear prisoners shouting,Longchamp Hobo Väska (http://www.olekbydal.com/longchamp2009.asp), it is probably a cry of pain. 105 howitzer artillery opened the first time, the U.S. military communications soldiers suddenly remembered something, petrified, wake up, start screaming mouth, shouted themselves hoarse call ; just after howitzer briefly stops,cheap Oakley Crankcase sunglasses (http://www.cttic.org/PR/vimy.asp), continuous bombardment, simply can not let us 's voice was heard Luo two us ; even heard, but also deaf ears.
Half an hour later, hidden in a small hillside to rest, we have just too much physical exertion. Vigorously face changed, and some of those shells hair light, is it......, head hum to look, Teng stood up. After a strong army of long-term education,cheap calvin klein underwear womens (http://giveupdrinking.co.uk/extra_show.asp), is to know the Japanese activities in the northeast,calvin klein womens underwear (http://www.crru.org.uk/captcha_imagess.asp), in the old quack think Japanese, I just feel top-heavy,cheap oakley sunglasses canada (http://www.iap-pei.ca/legal/court-ca.php), the body weak. Looked around, Luo two in the alert, Zhang Zhendong, Zhao Zhiyuan, money KIWI rest Ningtian You with headphones, busy playing with a new radio station seized.
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