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03.08.2014, 11:08
But should you want to expand the scale of leasehold land,ray ban sunglasses (http://www.mirchiwok.com/cache/rayban.asp), we need the money to lease land, so Xiao Ping found the biggest problem they face is money. Money problems are deeply troubled Xiao Ping, planted ginseng before cheap ray bans (http://www.mirchiwok.com/cache/rayban.asp) Fortunately looked pretty good already, should be able to sell these ginseng raise some money. Xiao Ping first chose the tallest tree, the top seed has to bear a lot of red ginseng, carefully dig the soil around the roots. Ginseng is an important factor affecting the price of the product phase is also the root of what is required to save the more complete will be able to sell more money.
However, when ray bans discount (http://www.mirchiwok.com/cache/rayban.asp) ginseng completely dug, but could not help but feel a bit disappointed - this ginseng grown too small. Xiao Ping thought Ginseng planted in the pot must demon refining president was very good, even if not so thick white radish, carrot at least that long to so much of it. However, in the hands of ginseng Xiao Ping was pitifully small, only root ray ban sunglasses index finger length ratio chopsticks are not much rough. Touches lateral roots grow cheap jordan shoes online (http://www.ocsalumni.com/newsletters/spring08.aspx) very long and has several times more than tap root, ginseng appears to let this appear to be more thin, not like ordinary pharmacies sell ginseng is good.
Xiao Ping to quell emaciated ginseng is not satisfied, decided to dig two out look. So Xiao Ping was chosen as the two best growing ginseng dug up, but ultimately disappointed to find that three dug ginseng are thin and long, the thickest and the little finger is just about the same. This makes Xiao Ping began to suspect that maybe dug ourselves too early, ginseng have not grown yet. So Xiao Ping did not dare to continue to dig, and decided to kind of period of time say. As already dug three trees species ray ban outlet (http://www.mirchiwok.com/cache/rayban.asp) do not bother to go back, going to sell it directly to the pharmacy tomorrow, on when to test the ginseng how worthless.Two...... two hundred thousand ? ray ban sunglasses Heard wrong, right ? Song Lei and her classmates did not think Zhezhi ginseng can sell so much money, sent involuntarily exclaimed. But let ray ban sunglasses surprising things still to come, Xiao Ping took out two boxes and said: This two together to sell it. This time even the manager of Tong Ren Tang also surprised. Now have fewer and fewer wild ginseng, usually only received a couple of months, but also a year of very little of that. But Xiao Ping shot is three, but are at least more than two decades, this situation has been for many years have not encountered before.