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13.08.2014, 02:44
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Turned the first batch of players,fake ray bans (http://www.mirchiwok.com/cache/rayban.asp), middle, lower the strength of the players, basically to reach 10 per hour, even every minute there are hundreds, thousands of players coming. That the city is no central transfer station stopped transmitting task, that money is rushing to increase. The official was not even considered, turned to open ahead of currency in circulation, the game currency with the real currency in circulation, officials have not made ​​public, internal preliminary decision in Philadelphia, the main task is completed, the flow of the sub-line tasks open. Open the cheap jordans (http://www.ocsalumni.com/newsletters/spring08.aspx) main task, sub-line task will be started, to the time of each professional life is turned on, the players need a lot of investment.