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Li Yanyan and Ouyang Myrtle feelings but it is leaps and bounds, like a good like biological sisters. This girl had so popular ah, listening to two girls in the house of joy laughter. Zhang Shaodong helpless thought. Mu Xiaoling construction site just returned marking files are in the office, I suddenly heard a slight knock on the door, looked up, it was standing in the doorway Zhangshao Dong. Little east, ugg boots (http://www.chestercreek.com/favicon.php) michael kors handbags (http://7coqheron.com/michael-kors/michael-kors-outlet.html) come. Mu Xiaoling cried surprise, anger at him and said: ugg outlet The bad guys have always been Zhilaizhiwang today, how suddenly become so polite ?
A laughing girl face to take out from Zhang Shaodong behind. Staring at Mu Xiao Yanyan ? Yu Zi Tong stunned for a moment, my mind one kind of feeling of panic, hurriedly stood up and rushed Li Yanyan around, took her in hand and said: you,, how do you come ? Li Yanyan lamented loudly and said : I do not, he probably would completely fall into the clutches of li cheap uggs (http://www.chestercreek.com/favicon.php) a, see Xiao Ling sister have been pregnant with his child, ugg outlet only envy ah. Mu Xiaoling face Hongxia clouds, hastily exclaimed: Yanyan,,, Mu Xiaoling told me to say I was not intentional.
Li Yanyan giggle smiles tenderly said: Xiao Ling sister, you do not say, ugg outlet (http://www.chestercreek.com/favicon.php) all know. Not your fault, all the bad guys to blame. Zhang Shaodong every intimate encounter with two girls talking all the time, it will inevitably become a scapegoat ugg outlet mouth, anyway, are accustomed to, although men Bitter, but also has several beautiful woman after so hardy that what pain can not stand to do. Mu Xiaoling eyes moist, tightly pulled Li Yanyan 's hand and said: Yanyan, thank you, thank you forgive ugg outlet.