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30.10.2014, 16:51
This is the beginning of heaven and earth. Liu Ruyan also deliberately playing up. After a lapse of three years,

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the two ensembles heaven on earth again. Although the three did not touch the piano, but not unfamiliar Liu Ruyan playing piano, NFL Cases (http://7coqheron.com/nfl-cases-c-01029-1) seem to have in playing into their soul. Smoke everyone hehe reputation once again play to the limit. Triple part played by Lai Wu, and heavenly part, by Liu Ruyan play. A reproduction of heaven and earth, a time fairy sound linger in the side of the Han Xue three women intoxicated, immersed in the wonderful music in the land.
See Han Xue three women dancing, angelic voice spit out by Liu Ruyan moving cherry mouth in the past, singing cadence, extremely sweet, fun to fill the gap, and if the drought every nectar -like, people delight. Liu Ruyan singing and dancing, singing melodious, graceful dancing light, white dress dancing, like a sitter. Four beauty, strengths

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and weaknesses, such as the fairy under the mundane. Although Han Xue three women are not professional dancers, but NHL Cases (http://7coqheron.com/nhl-cases-c-01030-1) dance, there is ugg sale (http://www.pecklife.com/ugg/ugg-outlet.html) a beauty of heaven totally.
At this moment, Lai Wu 's mind is completely immersed in a world among Nike Cases (http://7coqheron.com/nike-cases-c-01031-1) very naturally into a realm of Heaven. Meanwhile, the Nike Cases mind even coincide with Han Xue four woman mind. Four woman mind are pinned on the dance, and Lai Wu mind integration. Five people

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communicate ideas, which is a thousand words are indescribable manner. With this idea of communication, five hearts completely open, better than the numerous candle going to happen. Lai Wu 's mind, Tan sway, such as the vastness of the universe, such as broad major rivers, such as the same bright stars, shining like the sun and the moon as there is no contamination, no distortion, awe-inspiring between heaven and earth.