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22.11.2014, 21:19
What a situation? Criminal Austrian people did not see that u disk, does not like to use the computer, that thing he is not a cold, too afraid to radiation " shot." Cantonese, Liu Shuji, and people speak Cantonese...... punishment Austrian people looked up to see to the Guozuo Rong. Yes, it should be a g province investors right over there, they have been saying in Cantonese, however, Liu Shuji Cantonese say more difficult, while the table Wu Yuan Jun, is the deputy commander of the anti-drug brigade, Wu Yuan are let NHL Cases (http://7coqheron.com/nhl-cases-c-01030-1) speak Cantonese, and said what birds, Liu Shuji did not bother Oakley Cases result, Wu yuan are on the table a little red -haired " mixed " " mixed," and he took the bottle over...... Guo Zuorong dare slightest concealment, this u disk, but Jiang Shuji that people sent.
What this all tmd pig, I really thought it was his place through the south ! Criminal Austrian people 's heart could not help but curse up. People do not like the Austrian Criminal demobilized cadres, in his view, the political struggle that is political struggle, the struggle is about art, not Causing loss of lives, and therefore, he does not like Liu Gang, this " sex " grid cadres, he always believed that the military is the military, the army and politics are two different systems. And just heard Liu Gang will actually speak Cantonese, he is vaguely felt that things blow up, I am afraid that the relationship between Liu Gang, therefore, Liu Gang, that is very dissatisfied, and can know at this time this is a fundamentally wrong, stop thief farce, farce also fills Nike Cases (http://7coqheron.com/nike-cases-c-01031-1) gotta be careful, do not let people seize evidence ah, in particular, others leave such an important evidence, Oakley Cases actually did not know that Oakley Cases not a pig is a pig...... say, it is simply an insult to pigs.
Must strictly deal with, can not be tolerated, everyone must bear the cost of their mistakes ! As a provincial party secretary, torture Austrian people of course have their own political power, but also has its own " private " heart, however, the political struggle also has a bottom line, no rules no standards, if there is no bottom line, this community is completely " chaos." sets up. Yes, Xing Shuji ! Guo Zuorong slightly relieved, Xing Shuji spoke up, Oakley Cases (http://7coqheron.com/oakley-cases-c-01032-1) it easier to handle. Originally, Oakley Cases although has a strong tendency to "sex ", however, and both Oakley Cases but there is no direct relationship, this time with a clear attitude Xing Shuji, Oakley Cases also relieved.