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22.04.2015, 11:01
Kate Middleton Embarks http://www.celinehandbagse.com/]celine handbags online on Prince William Fashion Makeover Mission

Kate Middleton is a style icon and is responsible for influencing this year designs. Each outfit Princess Catherine wears emulates a quiet dignity without looking frumpish. She has made it cool to dress like a woman again. Kneelength skirts and pantyhose are once again in fashion, and the world has the Duchess of Cambridge to think. She has also made it okay to wear the same outfit more than once and has no problem buying off the rack.

Her nickname, Duchess, has helped women realize fashion does not have to come at a high price. Now, Kate is looking to get Prince William to buy into that same belief. The couple are coming up on celine purses (http://www.celinehandbagse.com/) their oneyear wedding anniversary. It is about time Kate used her wifely powers to bring William up to her stylish level.

According to a British tabloid, Kate has been picking up a few things for her husband at stores like Zara and the Peter Jones department store. A source explains her purchases, loves clothes, so it makes sense that she should choose a few things for William. She is his wife, and wives tend to influence their husband style. Not to mention, William is a busy man and does not exactly have the time to go on a shopping spree. celine handbag (http://www.celinehandbagse.com/)

William is not exactly a style icon, but he is no bum either. He dresses the part of a man destined to be King of England, but it would not hurt to make him look a little more fashionable. Kate Middleton would not be the first woman to try and update her man wardrobe.