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24.11.2015, 11:44
Atlanta tree experts BJ Upton Jersey (http://www.shopbravesjerseys.com/authentic-bj-upton-braves-jersey/) , Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts, warn residents that ice is a substantial threat to trees during this winter season.

In the temperate zone of Georgia, winter months can have a mix of freezing temperatures and ice, which is more damaging to trees than snow. Freezing rain and ice can weigh down many of the younger and damaged trees Andrelton Simmons Jersey (http://www.shopbravesjerseys.com/authentic-andrelton-simmons-braves-jersey/) , making them more likely to suffer damage, and possibly even fall during the winter months.

"Unfortunately, we live in an area that experiences more ice and freezing temperatures, rather than snow http://www.shopbravesjerseys.com/ ," states Gary Robertson, owner of Yellow Ribbon, an Atlanta tree removal pany. "Freezing rain and ice can weigh down younger or weaker trees, making them susceptible to further damage and even cause them to fall down Atlanta Braves Alternate Jerseys (http://www.shopbravesjerseys.com/) , making your yard a dangerous area for your family and your ho."

The Atlanta tree experts at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts know that many winter tree aidents can be avoided if you have your yard inspected. The Yellow Ribbon professionals are trained to spot potential hazards within your yard and treat them appropriately. They suggest having any damaged trees or tree limbs removed before the freezing weather of winter hits.

The best thing you can do this winter is have your trees inspected for any damage or disease. The professionals at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts can help remove any potential hazards from your yard before the unpredictable Georgia winter weather hits. The Atlanta tree experts at Yellow Ribbon can also offer suggestions on how to properly care for your trees during the colder months, to help keep damage done during winter to a minimum.

For more rmation on ways to protect your yard during the winter months or for rmation on all the services available through Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts, visit .yellowribbontree..

About Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts:

Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts specializes in Atlanta tree removal and uses only the best arboricultural practices. Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts is licensed and insured, and a mber of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Tree Care Industry Association.

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