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03.09.2016, 18:00
Latinos that any relief to our immigration problems, if they are to come at all,cheap jordan shoes (http://www.bcheapjordans.com/), depends on Democrats staying in office. Should the Republicans fail to compromise, the Democrats will be handed a fresh reminder to Latinos that participation in November is critical.

With Latino voters playing an important role in several key swing states, such as Colorado,cheap jordan shoes (http://www.bcheapjordans.com/), Nevada, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida, the response by the Democratic leadership may signal they're banking on the recent fight among Republicans on the border crisis and immigration to drive home the point that the new GOP is still very much like the old GOP. No matter how disappointed Latinos are with the Democrats, the option of more Latinos voting Republican is a non-starter.

With the country growing less patient with our immigration problems, only time will tell if any new dialogue on immigration will help spur Latino participation on Election Day or serve as a depressing reminder of the limited leverage this growing Latino constituency

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