Просмотр полной версии : Four steps to draw eye cream

09.10.2016, 11:17
A fashion Lady bag some BB creams, but you will not necessarily use BB cream, BB cream to play magical effects you know BB cream in the right way to use!

1, the use of basic nursing before BB cream. Use BB cream skin first before using the toner, lotion or cream for skin care, guarantee then rubbed under the skin in moisturizing BB cream. Although BB cream has some skin, but does not completely replace based skin care products, will leave your skin dry.

2, BB cream cannot be used with the Foundation. If the BB cream and mixed with Foundation applied to the face, will affect the makeup and reduce its effect on skin care. More obvious if they want makeup, you can select a powder to set the makeup. Recommendations apply BB cream when you are finished, use powder makeup, makeup will last longer.

3, with sunscreen with better results. BB cream from the use of natural ingredients, so blocking ultraviolet rays for a short time, so you cannot use BB cream SPF sunscreen. If you need extra Sun, use sunscreen before BB cream first, can be effective against UV rays.Some of our customers told us they tried different lilash growth serum (http://www.eyelashserumshop.com/)
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4, required after using BB cream makeup. BB cream is a kind of Foundation, such as dirty remover, also can lead to clogged pores. Can use makeup remover cleansing: face with facial cleanser to clean after the makeup remover water into the sponge, then wipe face clean. Wipe skin with a clean wet wipes up reverse if paper towels clean, representatives have makeup remover and clean.