Просмотр полной версии : The medical effect of papaya

29.10.2016, 09:48
Papaya is a common fruit in life, the nutritional value is very comprehensive, the taste is also super good, so very popular with everyone, especially women, because papaya has the effect of breast enhancement. In addition to breast enhancement papaya there are many effects and effects Oh!

1, Shujin Tongluo, antispasmodic pain
Papaya flesh contains papaya alkali has relieved the role of spastic pain, spasm of the row of intestinal muscle has a significant therapeutic effect. Sichuan papaya Pickle, tepid, the main role is Qushi Bi, Shujin active, the most suitable for patients with rheumatic pain.bella cream (http://www.bellacream.co.uk/)?breast enhancement product is the most healthy safe breast enhancement method by far.?bella (http://www.bella-cream.com/) cream has been recognized by the medical profession, accepted by the love of beauty lady, become a kind of trend of breast enhancement.?And it is the best choice of the women's fashion breast enhancement.

2, heat lungs, cough and asthma
With cooked papaya and dried persimmon water decoction, can cure asthma cough; to cooked papaya peeled, add steamed honey, can cure dryness cough; with raw papaya Jiao Zhi or dried powder, can be de-worming. Rock sugar papaya, with the effectiveness of heat and lungs, for lung heat cough, heat and other symptoms of boredom. As for papaya, raw soothing throat discomfort, cold sputum, constipation, chronic bronchitis, also help.