Supreme combines their brand logo with images that are truly eye-catching in nature. Whether someone it's someone super famous or something super scandelous, or both, Supreme definitely knows how to catch the attention of anyone, not just skaters, and this is very important for the brand image. The image is then made into a poster, and that poster is plastered all over the walls of your New York City neigborhood. Or your London neighborhood. Or your Japanese neighborhood. There is no commercial on TV or editorial spread in GQ. Supreme relies on their marketing collaborations to get people talking and these collaborations are key in keeping people interested in what Supreme is doing.Famed photographer Terry Richardson is behind just about every Supreme ad campaign over the last several years.
Supreme should be one of the most popular streetwear brand, which definitely restyles the fashion. How to buy supreme? Supreme doesn’t sellits wares anywhere outside of its own stores or website. If you want to buy supreme stickers, or other fashion accessories, you should visit their onlinestore, local shop. That's why reselling has been a growing up tendency. In addition to this, you can also keep an eye on other fashion element, such as stussy stickers, clothes and more.