women's nightgowns online shop is a kind of personal underwear. In order to shape a good breast shape, many people will spend a lot of money to buy expensive underwear. However, be aware that price is not the only criterion for assessing the quality of underwear. If the underwear is not suitable for you, the chest expansion, chest sagging and breast disease will find you.

Is your underwear properly dressed? If you have the following six phenomena, you should change your underwear.

1, the chest cup often moves up
There will be a cup running up, usually because the bottom edge of your underwear, that is, the place of the iron ring is too loose. More common is that when the purchase is not clearly identified, the size of the underwear is wrong. Shallow, can only float on your chest like a plate. So when you raise your hand, the underwear will naturally follow.

2, the shoulder strap often slides
There may be two reasons for this phenomenon: First, the underwear is too small and too loose, and the shoulder strap slips easily after moving up; the second is the wrong shoulder strap style. Another common mistake about the shoulder strap is that it is too narrow and too loose. Be aware that most of the chest lift is carried by the shoulders, so the wider the shoulder strap, the stronger the pull. The too thin shoulder strap is purely decorative, and the lifting force is really minimal. In the long run, your beautiful and strong chest will surely sag.

3, the chest has an indentation
As soon as the underwear is untied, there is a marked mark on the chest, which means that the cup selection of the underwear is too small. You know, the steel ring is like a frame. It should be suitable for the chest contour and then give it a supporting force. But if it is too small to press on the chest, it will cut out the fat that belongs to the chest like cut tofu. The breasts will get smaller and smaller.